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 Preschool Arts Program (age 3-5) 

About Preschool Arts


This program is a Certificate Program for children from age 3 to 5. There is only one course in this program that covers 3 main areas: DrawingPainting and Arts & Crafts, these classes focus on training the students' Patience, Observation, Identifying and Imagination. The content of each lesson consists of:


1. Games on Creativity

2. Storytelling

3. Art-making

4. Art Appreciation

5. Cleaning Up


- Preschool Arts is an on-going course that runs different Creative Art Project bi-weekly

- It is designed to welcome students to join in at anytime of the month 

- Each lesson is 1 hr long

- Each Art Project would take about 2 - 3 lessons to finish depending on each student's learning

  ability, we do not encourage to rush their creative process.

- When students completed 1 full year of Preschool Arts with 80% of attendance, they will be       rewarded a Certificate


- Arts Play Time is a separate activity available for toddlers and preschool children (age  2 -5).

 It is an one-time activity that requires advance booking. 

 For more information please email or call 6077-1760.

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