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Art is a passion that can turn the world upside down

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not by COPYING 
We all have learned, more or less, by copying, but we DO NOT encourage students to dwell at such stage of imitation or to seek only for such skill, instead we urge them to find their own ideas by observing in life; this includes reading news, articles, books and magazines for stories and narratives that inspire us to create.
Look how these artists respond to tragedies with their imagination in order to send a message to the world.
not only  TECHNIQUE
but  CREATIVE  thinking
Teachers would guide, but not help students with their works, all techniques should be shown on a separate piece of demonstration, students are encouraged to  work stroke by stroke through difficulties and failures to accomplish their goals.
Look at this Dutch artist Theo Jansen and what he created with his creative thinking; quite literally bringing life to his artwork. 
not the PRODUCT
but the PROCESS
We encourage our students to think "process" but not just result. In the process of art-making, we learn more about ourselves and the people around us, through which we mature in ways how we perceive the world and behave as human being.
The American alternative rock band "OK GO" shows us the fascinating process of a domino effect, who said the result is always more important than the process?
The ability to depict the likeness of images is a skill to be praised but it is not the ultimate goal. We seek to find meaning behind our arts, whether it is a self emotional expression or cultural message to the society, it is the vocation of every artist to give meaning to his or her work.
Take a look at how Chagall's romantic piece celebrates his love for his wife, the distorted figures and dimension, it doesn't seem like it is about proportion, is it?
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The goal we set for students is not to enter their arts into competition and win prizes; we strive to build support and encouragement between the students. Art is created not for comparison but for appreciation, it carries its own value in the eyes of its own creator.
Let's take a look at the example that these Japanese children demonstrate to us about how we can grow together by encouraging one another.
not on  INDIVIDUAL achievement
but  COMMUNAL accomplishment
We believe art connects people, the purpose of creating art is not to win us prizes and awards for a brighter future, but to do good by bringing healing to the wounded heart of humanity, thus artify's mission seeks not the individual's or the studio's success but the goodness of the community.
Picasso's Guernica speaks the truth of his time which brings a strong message of justice that still echoes to us today.
Artify believes talent comes with training and practices, everyone was born with the gift of creativity that is waiting to be explored, thus all should be given the opportunity to do so through various means, visual arts is one that artify takes on. 
This article below talks about the way of thinking of a creative personality, have you explored your creative side?
not RUSHING   the  creative process
but GIVING   time and space to grow
Art takes space and time to grow; like farming, we can not possibly rush a plant to grow any faster than it should, so should we treat young artist like a little plants, give them room and time to grow.
In the following video, Master Penman Jake Weidmann shows us what it takes to be a professional penman.
not  just through a CLASS
but the shaping of  CHARACTERS
Art is a mean that allows us to grow and mature as human being. Artify is more than just a drawing class, we seek to help our students to get on the journey of character shaping through practicing arts
The famous Inoue Takehiko tells us about how art builds his own character and urges him to improve.
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