Youth Arts Program (age 12 -17)  

artwork created by Natasha Lee

About Youth Arts


This program is a Certificate Program for children from age 12 to 17. In this program, classes are divided into 2 age-groups: 12-1415-17. these classes focus on training the students' Creative Thinking Development, Characters Building and Advance Technique

The content of each lesson consists of:


1. Art Critique 

2. Art History

3. Art-making


- All classes in Youth Arts has  13  lessons (approx. 2.5 months)

- Each lesson is  1.5  hrs long

- There are  3  Art Projects in each class, each would take   3 - 4   lessons to finish

- "A Proof of Completion" will be presented to students who completed at least  90%  of the class

- When Any 10 classes of the program (please see the list below) are completed, 

  a Certificate will be rewarded 


For more information, please email  or call  9818-2747

Classes Offered in this Program: (hover on top of the icons) 

Basics of Drawing I
Basics of Painting I
Basics of Illustration I
Basics of Drawing II
Basics of Painting II
Basics of Illustration II
Drawing with Crayon
Water Colour Painting
Comic Arts
Drawing with Chalk
Portrait Drawing I
Portrait Drawing II
Drawing with Pen & Ink
Perspective Drawing
Life Drawing
Wood-burnt Arts
Landscape Painting
Portrait Painting I
Portrait Painting II
Mixed Media Painting
Children Book Illustration
Basics of Graphic Design I
Basics of Graphic Design II
Basics of Product Design
Abstract Painting
Life Painting
After the Master
Basics of Typography