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Derek,和太太Esther及一對可愛的仔女剛從加拿大回流返港發展. 從小熱愛繪畫的他在大學及碩士課程中收讀美術系, 同時他曾經在教會服侍青年及兒童多年. 他的夢想是用視藝教育來培育孩子的品格和創意, 藉創作過程為生活帶來美麗及正能量. 

About His Education

     Emily Carr University - Continuing Studies

                                             Vancouver, B.C. (2010 - 2015)

               Regent College - Master of Christian Studies - Christianity and Arts

                                             Vancouver, B.C. (2005 - 2008)

               York University - Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honour - Visual Arts

                                             Toronto, Ontario (2000 - 2003)

how it began...

After graduating from a Fine Arts program, Derek started working at the Little Big Art School (Toronto), where he first met his mentor, Lillian Chan, the principal of Little Big. He was deeply inspired by her passion to help children develop good characters and creativity through art education. After working there for three years, Derek has developed the same passion to bring such platform to more children, where they are given the opportunities to express, cultivate and grow their creativity and talent.

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