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 Basics of Drawing I 

Basics of Drawing I (DR 1010) (1.5 hr long each class)


Lesson 1 Drawing with Lines, Shapes, Patterns and Shades

                 Drawing circle, composing shapes with lines, Methods of shading

Lesson 2 Drawing with other Senses, Drawing Light from Darkness

                 Practice drawing without the measuring of the Eyes, Drawing with one single continuous line

Lesson 3 Drawing the Positive Aspects of the Negative Space. Practice drawing the negative space of objects

Lesson 4 Drawing an upside down object - Practice drawing an upside-down object - e.g. An outline of a horse

Lesson 5 Drawing from memory

Lesson 6 Still life drawing practice - Simple Geometric Objects and Fruits

Lesson 7 Still life drawing practice - Vessels and Sculpture

Lesson 8 Drawing textile

Lesson 9 Outdoor Drawing

Lesson 10 Drawing hand and foot - through shapes and lines

Lesson 11 Drawing face I

Lesson 12 Drawing face II

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